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LCP Laser Tag FAQ
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Q: What do I wear to play paintball??
  A: Easy, just wear some cloths you dont mind getting dirty with a comfortable set of footwear.
We provide all the needed safety equipment and have a few Jumpsuits for rent if needed.

Q: Does it hurt when get hit??
  A: In a nutshell, only for a few seconds. Its pretty much like getting stung with a rubber band.

Q: Will the paintballs Stain my Cloths??
  A: Nope! All the paint normally washes out with 1-2 runs in the washer.

Q: What is the Minimum age??
  A: The ASTM absolute minimum age for paintball is 10yrs old.
Why??? The Safety Goggles are NOT sized to fit those UNDER 10 years of age.
Loose Safety Equipment during a game can result in serious or permanent injuries.

Q: Are there any Referees for the games??
  A: Yepprs! All groups include your own Private Referee(s).

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